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No matter your skills, there is a place for you here at INM.

Reach out to us below and share some of your talents and interests. We look forward to making this world a healthier place, together.

We are in need of volunteers interested in:

Your support will…

  • Bring the medicine of nature to institutions, homes, and lives all over North America.
  • Elevate the research, writing, and marketing for INM to become the #1 trusted resource for natural medicine information for both public and professional groups.
  • Assist in creating platforms that enable public-ready access to licensed, knowledgeable, integrative professionals.
  • Support our organization as we work on the collection and publishing of evidence-based research on chronic disease to demonstrate the efficacy of whole person medicine in America.
  • Forever shift the paradigm for health care by offering sustainable, affordable, long-term, solutions to the American health crisis

Get Involved!