The INM Residency Consortium (IRC) is a new, sustainable model for a naturopathic residency program. This success of this model affords the opportunity for a significant increase in additional hands-on, practical training opportunities available to new, board-certified naturopathic doctors across the United States.

The IRC program focuses on training in all aspects of successful naturopathic practice. Features of this model include a focus on:

  • Greater experience interfacing with patients in a primary care setting
  • Practice utilizing clinical skills and modalities
  • Robust performance benchmarks
  • A Quarterly Academic Seminar training series to deepen medical knowledge
  • Skills necessary to start and maintain a thriving clinic, and
  • A shared funding model with contributions from partner clinics, accredited universities, and corporate or private sponsors.

IRC residents emerge from this program as stronger naturopathic physicians, geared with knowledge on how to execute naturopathic practice, successfully.

If you are a current or prospective resident or partner clinic please visit our ND Professional website to learn more about the IRC program.