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INM and the Naturopathic Medicine Collaborative ​

We Are Stronger Together

The Institute for Natural Medicine hosts the Naturopathic Medicine Collaborative (NMC), which is a cooperative group of 80+ stakeholder organizations from the naturopathic medicine profession. This collaborative allows national, state and specialty associations, accredited naturopathic medical colleges, research institutions and other leaders within naturopathic medicine to work together to advance the profession.

Core Constituents

White Paper

Against the backdrop of 2021’s International Day of Natural Medicine, the Institute for Natural Medicine announced the publication of a white paper designed to raise awareness of the principles of naturopathic medicine and reaffirm the profession’s commitment to a collaborative model of clinical care. Naturopathic Physicians as Whole Health Specialists, The Future is Whole Person Health Carea collaborative effort with the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, provides supporting evidence for the profession’s significant contributions to preventive, whole-person care while citing effective models of integrative practice that have called on the expertise of naturopathic physicians in both primary and specialty care environments.

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