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Food as Medicine

Becoming Your Own Health CEO

A movement aiming to put the concept that “Food is Medicine” front and center is forming. There are numerous articles, interest groups, and companies forming that are pushing this concept toward the mainstream.

INM is deeply invested in the Food As Medicine approach. Through a partnership with Standard Process, Inc, INM is conducting the North Carolina Public Health Pilot. Our program, a 16-week interventional research study, is being conducted with 7 participants from a primarily minority county in rural North Carolina and California. The main objective is to test the hypothesis that access to fresh, whole foods combined with a structured nutrition plan and comprehensive nutrition education will have measurable improvements in the health outcomes of underserved populations. 

The participants, drawn from low-income North Carolina communities that have struggled with quality food access and high levels of chronic disease, are supplied with $900 in grocery store gift cards over the 16-week study period to support access to whole foods. They will also receive complementary nutritional supplements from Standard Process.

Through regular group sessions and one-on-one communication with a naturopathic doctor as a teacher, the study participants are provided information to help them become their own “Health CEO.” In addition to the group video sessions, whole foods-based supplements, and reference materials provided, our program utilizes a gamification app, 1Huddle, to increase and assess learning retention, and to provide healthy competition with other participants.

Without knowledge about how and why we become diseased and what to do to prevent it, the course toward chronic disease is all the more certain. With research initiatives like Food As Medicine, we can we can greatly add to the growing body of evidence of the efficacy of this whole-person approach.

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