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We believe that naturopathic medicine, with its unique principles and practices, has the potential to reverse the tide of chronic illness that overwhelms existing health care systems and to empower people to achieve and maintain their optimal lifelong health.

Our mission is to transform healthcare in America by increasing both public awareness of naturopathic medicine and access to naturopathic doctors for patients.

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We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without our sponsors! Help INM improve access and knowledge about naturopathic medicine.

The Institute for Natural Medicine is recognized as tax-exempt under IRS section 501(c)(3), which makes your gift to us tax deductible.
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If you are considering a gift for furthering one of our sponsored projects, as required by federal tax law, we must inform you that once your donation has been processed, the gift is “complete” to the Institute for Natural Medicine.  In other words, it becomes the property of the Institute for Natural Medicine with exclusive legal control over the donated funds.  We make a good faith effort to honor a donor’s intent and utilize a gift for the purposes of the project named, however, the Institute for Natural Medicine reserves the right to re-grant gifts where, in our sole discretion, the recommended project is not furthering specified charitable purposes or when, for example, such project falls out of compliance with a federal or state regulatory authority.  If the Institute for Natural Medicine cannot re-grant a donation to or for the purposes of a project that you have recommended, the Institute for Natural Medicine may in its sole discretion select an alternate recipient, expend the funds in furtherance of the intended charitable purpose itself, or contact you for a different recommendation. Please reach out to for more information on donating to INM’s sponsored projects.

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