We share a vision of a deeply transformed health care system that cultivates wellness and empowers people to achieve their optimum health. 

With that vision in mind, we have been strategically launching and growing programs that support awareness and understanding of naturopathic medicine, as well as increased access to this special care.   2018 has been a year of major growth and accomplishment at the Institute for Natural Medicine.  

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Educating the public

With the Campaign for Naturopathic Medicine entering its second year and a rapidly burgeoning online and social audience, INM is raising awareness and educating the public about naturopathic medicine like never before. We’re using tools like:

  • Our signature series of “Frequently Asked Questions” pieces (over 30 to date), executed in close partnership with the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP)
  • Patient testimonials, in-depth patient journey feature stories, and tools to help people share them
  • A growing online media publishing presence, including native articles and placed media

Creating a true paradigm change for health requires a movement, and a movement requires leaders.  The INM Ambassadors program is offering training and support to NDs, students and naturopathic allies who want to learn core speaking, media and public relations skills that can advance naturopathic medicine.  As of the December 2018, there are over 100 INM Ambassadors registered.

Connecting patients to licensed NDs

We’re connecting patients to licensed NDs by continuously expanding and improving the national online Find-Your-ND tool, which hosts listings for thousands of naturopathic doctors in North America.

Training new naturopathic doctors

Piloting a unique three-part funding model to enhance financial sustainability, the INM Residency Consortium launched our first ever resident cohort in partnership with Bastyr University. Nine new naturopathic medical residents started at clinics in Washington and Hawaii in October. 

The residency’s expansion with five new slots in California is underway for 2019.

Expanding community reach

INM kicked off a task force to develop opportunities for licensed NDs to work with rural and underserved communities across Washington State, bringing excellent naturopathic physician care to existing clinics. This effort will allow NDs to reach new communities while qualifying for a state student loan repayment program.

Unifying the profession

As host of the Naturopathic Medicine Collective (NMC), we’ve been hard at work bringing the profession together by sharing news through a monthly digest and periodic webinar and in-person updates, as well as developing tools for communication and coordination across the profession.  Sign up to receive updates here.

Most exciting, perhaps, has been our role in hosting the NMC’s Conversation for the Future of Naturopathic Medicine, a year-long visioning process that has attracted the participation of hundreds of NDs.

Investing in the future

We know that as this work continues to grow in scope and depth that effective infrastructure is essential.

That’s why we’ve strategically invested in the future with an all-new NatureMed.org to host educational content.

This year we also launched NatureMedPro.org, a new ND-facing website to serve as a hub for INM program participation and resources.

The accomplishments of this year are exciting, but there is so much more to do.  Our existing programs must continue, deepen and mature to maximize effect, and there are strategic opportunities to support naturopathic medicine on the horizon. 

Only your support can make it happen, so please consider a generous year-end gift to make 2019 as much of a breakout year as 2018.