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Honorary Board

Mark Percival, DC, ND


Dr. Mark Percival has 40+ years of experience working with thousands of patients, coaching doctors across multiple disciplines and founding and leading cutting edge holistic health companies. At Percival Naturopathic Medicine he offers additional mentorship and guidance to Dr. Aspen Percival on select cases to provide the most effective care.

Mark is currently focused on the development and launch of V-Metrics: The Health Creation Lab delivering a breakthrough health performance system. It represents the culmination of his 40+ years of experience in healthcare, with 33 years on the “frontline” as a progressive health professional and primary contact clinician focused on functional and preventative medicine (Naturopathic Doctor & Chiropractor). Throughout his career he has been an innovative solution-focused product and systems developer, managerial and leadership consultant and a corporate executive. His insights into the medical delivery system, health care technologies, new product development and leadership have been acquired through direct experience with thousands of patients, doctors and service providers across many disciplines and international health care ecosystems. His experience compelled him to create the first health coach company, Health Coach Systems International Inc. Founded in the late 80’s, Health Coach continuously challenged status quo in health care. Mark’s leadership and progressive approach led to international recognition and founding and executive roles in companies willing to challenge status quo and advance health care in important areas. These included: Innovative Practice Solutions, Natural Healthlink, Signature Health Partners, LifeStrive and TrendShift, where he pioneered advancements in approach, content and technology critical to more effective population health stewardship. In his role as CEO of Health Coach Systems International Inc. Mark continued his work through consulting on advancements in health care, augmenting human performance and mitigating and preventing preventable illness.

His current work on V-Metrics involves his two daughters, Dr. Aspen Percival and Lexi Percival who graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (Business Technology Management and Entrepreneurship). They have co-founded V-Metrics to solve for the most fundamental gaps in healthcare that exist today. The digital health platform that they are developing promises to revolutionize personal health and performance. Stay tuned!

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