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Lisa Price, ND, CBMRA

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Dr. Lisa A. Price, a Bastyr University graduate in Naturopathic Medicine, began as a research biochemist, focusing on mycology. Post-graduation, she practiced at various clinics and received an NIH research fellowship in immunology and oncology, studying Turkey tail mushroom’s effects on cancer and its mechanism on macrophages. An adjunct faculty at Bastyr since 2003, Dr. Price has written three books, peer-reviewed papers, and has spoken nationally. She’s a consultant in natural products research, serves on an editorial board, and enjoys dramatist pursuits and mushroom foraging.


Dr. Lisa A. Price is a 1998 Bastyr University graduate. She earned her degree in Naturopathic Medicine and holds an honors in counseling. Prior to becoming a licensed physician she was a research biochemist with her research focusing on mycology and biotechnology. After graduating from Bastyr, Dr. Price went on to practice at both public and private clinics. Dr. Price worked and then directed naturopathic healthcare from 2000 to 2005 at Sappho Health at Country Doctor Public Health Clinic.
In 2005 Dr. Price was awarded a National Institute of Health (NIH) research fellowship in immunology and oncology. She spent five years studying the basic science and clinical effects of Turkey tail mushroom in healthy participants and those burdened with breast cancer. Her specific work entailed looking for the mechanism of action of the mushroom active constituents on macrophage.

Dr. Price has been an adjunct faculty member at Bastyr University since 2003 teaching various classes including microbiology and biochemistry. While in clinical practice she served as a mentor for several preceptors, and also mentored nutrition students in their laboratory research for their Master of Science degrees.

Dr. Price is an active clinician specializing in women’s health and complementary cancer care. During her career she has authored three conventionally published books (Demos Health Inc), peer reviewed papers, and several articles on health. She has spoken nationally about her work.

She holds a certificate of Biomedical Regulatory Affairs from the University of Washington and serves as a natural products clinical research consultant to a couple of startups.
She serves on the editorial board of Convergent Points: An East-West Case Report Journal.

In her spare time, Dr. Price is a dramatist, and has written three plays, one currently in production. She enjoys fall mushroom foraging with her best buddies, and the gorgeous part of the world we find ourselves inhabiting.

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