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Honorary Board

Arvin Jenab, ND


Arvin Jenab completed his naturopathic training at the esteemed Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, in Toronto, Canada.  With a distinguished career spanning over two decades, Dr. Jenab has emerged as a leading figure in naturopathic medicine and integrative health.
In addition to his thriving private practice, Dr. Jenab has held prominent academic positions at renowned institutions such as the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, Boucher Institute, and Bastyr University. Currently, he serves as the Medical Director of Naturopathic Medicine and the Director of the ND Residency Program at the Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute at the University of California, Irvine.
Dr. Jenab has been an active advocate for growth and advancement of naturopathic medicine and integrative health through inter-professional collaboration and participation in national initiatives and meetings.  He has served on the board of directors of the Council for Naturopathic Medical Education for 6 years supporting accreditation and advancement efforts, has worked closely with influential professional groups and associations including INM, AIHM, IM4US, and UCI shaping the discourse on integrative and naturopathic medicine principles and practices, and continues to support efforts that set new standards for post-graduate naturopathic medical education.
Dr Jenab’s passion for post-graduate education, interprofessional care, health equity, and whole-person health care is evident in his extensive experience and leadership. I his most recent endeavor, Dr. Jenab has developed, and oversees, one of the nation’s most rigorous residency programs, equipping naturopathic graduates to function at the highest level of their training in an academic setting and in collaboration with medical groups and organizations.
With a distinctive perspective, Dr. Jenab emphasizes the foundational knowledge and skills essential to naturopathic medicine.  He advocates for a holistic, systems-based approach that integrates complex systems theory to understand and address disease patterns.   For Dr. Jenab, naturopathic medicine offers a unique opportunity for patients and providers to comprehend the intricate mind-body complex and its relationship to the broader determinants of health.

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