February 14, 2020

The Institute for Natural Medicine announces that Dr. Joe Pizzorno has joined their Board of Directors. The Seattle-based organization focuses on expanding national awareness of naturopathic medicine and increasing access to naturopathic physicians. Dr. Pizzorno, a renowned naturopathic physician, author and visionary of the profession has been at the forefront of naturopathic medicine for more than three decades and is one of the world’s leading authorities on science-based natural medicine.

The first president of Bastyr University, serving 22 years in that position, Dr. Pizzorno was appointed to the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy by President Clinton in December 2000. He also served on the Medicare Coverage Advisory Committee under President Bush’s administration in November 2002. A prolific writer, he is co-author of the best-selling Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, originally published in 1990.  His most recent of seven consumer books, The Toxin Solution highlights current research connecting chronic disease with environmental toxin exposure.  Pizzorno has served since its inception 20 years ago on the board of the Institute for Functional Medicine, also based in the Pacific Northwest. His Textbook of Natural Medicine (5th edition 2020) documented, for the first time, the scientific foundation of natural medicine.

Michelle Simon, PhD, ND, president and CEO of the Institute for Natural Medicine (INM), says “We are thrilled to have Dr. Pizzorno join the INM board. His intelligence, leadership and experience are a second to none and his presence will advance our mission of raising awareness and access to naturopathic medicine across the country and beyond. ”

One of INM’s initiatives is supporting ND licensure efforts of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. When the INM was founded, naturopathic doctors were licensed in seven states.  Now 25 states and territories license naturopathic doctors.

Dr Simon shared, “The growing awareness of the importance of preventive and holistic healthcare, and the expectations a more health-savvy population, accelerate the demand for integrative and natural medicine options.  We believe that naturopathic medicine, with its unique principles and practices, has the potential to reverse the tide of chronic illness that overwhelms existing health care systems. We understand that it is essential to empower people to achieve and maintain their optimal lifelong health.” Working with partner organizations is also an INM strategy for transforming healthcare, therefore we welcome the connection to the Institute for Functional Medicine through Dr. Pizzorno’s role as chair of the IFM board.

During his tenure at Bastyr University, Dr. Pizzorno guided the school to become the first accredited university of natural medicine in the world and the first center for alternative medicine research funded by the National Institutes of Health’s Office of Alternative Medicine. Having Dr. Pizzorno on the Board will help the INM launch a major gift program that will help fund public awareness campaigns nationally and regionally, natural medicine clinical research, support for state associations legislative efforts, residency program growth and expansion of childhood nutritional education programs.

Dr. Pizzorno’s addition to the board will have long lasting and significant impact in helping the INM achieve its mission of educating the public about of naturopathic medicine and improving access to naturopathic physician practices.

Source: Press Advantage