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Address the root cause of specific health challenges naturally.


Naturopathic medicine is a distinct system of medicine that skillfully combines natural therapeutic traditions with modern science to restore and optimize health.

Treating the Root Cause

Naturopathic doctors believe that identifying and addressing the underlying root causes of disease whenever possible leads to the most positive and enduring health outcomes for patients. The ultimate goal of naturopathic care is to support the body’s innate capacity to heal by treating the whole person with an individualized plan and teaching the patient how to prevent further illness. Read real patients’ stories here.

Natural Pain Management

Naturopathic doctors are not necessarily “anti-pharmaceutical” when it comes to pain management, but they are cautious about a drugs-first approach. A naturopathic doctor will first prioritize the least invasive methods to diagnose and treat pain before resorting to medications or surgery. They also work with other health care providers for a team approach to pain management, such as medical doctors, osteopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and physical therapists. Licensed naturopathic doctors are graduates of four-year accredited naturopathic medical schools with admissions requirements comparable to other medical schools. They study the biomedical sciences — cardiology, neurology, radiology, obstetrics, gynecology, immunology, dermatology, and pediatrics — and are trained in clinical, laboratory and physical diagnosis. They also study clinical nutrition, botanicals, counseling, stress management, and physical medicine, which all help naturopathic doctors serve as specialists in whole person health.

Work with a Naturopathic Doctor

Naturopathic doctors (NDs) approach your health differently than you may have experienced in other medical settings.

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