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Free Webinar Explores New Advances and Practical Applications of Precision Health

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Seattle, Wash. On January 31 at 12 p.m. PST, Precision Health Alliance (PHA) will host a free webinar on the principles and practice of precision medicine across health services and settings.

The webinar will demonstrate how and where precision health is best practiced, core concepts, and the tools and technologies available to deliver precise and personalized care.

Today, the Institute for Natural Medicine (INM) and Paradigm Health (PH) announced their partnership with PHA, an innovative global company pioneering access to epigenetics-based health care. Its Virtual Health Assistant, Shae™, uses cutting-edge, AI-driven software to deliver precise, holistic interventions.

In honor of this exciting partnership, INM and PH are offering the community open access to PHA’s introductory course on the fundamentals of evidence-based personalized medicine.

PHA aims to raise awareness of the need for customized health care and support health professionals in delivering hyper-personalized guidance to patients for more targeted and effective treatment. The company offers educational courses for practitioners across medicine, allied health, naturopathic health, fitness, and wellness. Courses center on the principles and practice of personalized medicine and familiarize health professionals with Shae™.

Targeted, tailored, and patient-specific health care is attainable. With Shae™, people everywhere can access timely, personalized information that supports healthy, everyday living.

About INM

The Institute for Natural Medicine is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to enhance the human potential for health by promoting whole person care enriched by the medicine of nature.

About PH

Paradigm Health aims to create equitable access to the best care for patients everywhere.

About PHA

Precision Health Alliance is the world’s leading educating body and virtual ecosystem for precision and personalized lifestyle health and medicine. PHA’s vision is to work toward eliminating preventable disease and pain worldwide by 2050. Learn more about PHA.  

Media Contacts

Cam McDonald, PhD
Precision Health Alliance

Wyn Delano
Institute for Natural Medicine

Signe Poquette, ND
Paradigm Health

Experience the benefits of personalized natural healthcare with a trusted, licensed naturopathic doctor in your area.
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Experience the benefits of personalized natural healthcare with a trusted, licensed naturopathic doctor in your area.
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The Institute for Natural Medicine, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. INM’s mission is to transform healthcare in America by increasing both public awareness of natural medicine and access to naturopathic doctors for patients. INM believes that naturopathic medicine, with its unique principles and practices, has the potential to reverse the tide of chronic illness that overwhelms existing healthcare systems and to empower people to achieve and maintain their optimal lifelong health. INM strives to achieve this mission through the following initiatives:

  • Education – Reveal the unique benefits and outcomes of evidence-based natural medicine
  • Access – Connect patients to licensed naturopathic doctors
  • Research – Expand quality research of this complex and comprehensive system of medicine

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