Discover naturopathic medicine through these informative videos.

The Healing Power of Nature is My Calling Card

The healing power of nature, one of the most profound tenets of naturopathic medicine manifests in a number of ways in the clinical setting. In this short video Dr. Amy Rothenberg talks about why and how the healing power of nature impacts how she thinks as a doctor and how she works with her patients.


Dr. Tabatha Parker talks about the inviting space that integrative medicine offers patients who are frustrated with healthcare. Respect and understanding are valued by both patient and practitioner.


Bringing natural healthcare to all. Learn more about Natural Doctors International, hear from the patients, and meet the Director, Tabatha Parker, ND.

Video produced and directed by naturopathic doctor, Natiya Guin at Portrait of Health Thank you to naturopathic doctor, Adam Silberman and Serena Silberman for additional footage and testimonial support.

Naturopathic Doctor's Toolbox

Naturopathic Doctor and Psychologist, Moira Fitzpatrick shares her personal healing journey with naturopathic medicine and her connection to nature, specifically with the Hawthorne Tree.

Video by ND Natiya Guin, Portrait of Health

INM's 'Naturally Well' Childhood Food and Wellness Education Program

In the summer of 2017, the Institute for Natural Medicine collaborated with the Food as Medicine Institute with funds from a San Gabriel Valley Medical Center grant to create the “Naturally Well” after-school program. The program was taught at the West San Gabriel YMCA, reaching nearly 250 children ages 4 – 12.

How to Find the Right Naturopath

Dr. Moira Fitzpatrick understands the frustrations patients have in the “pill for every ill” model. Here she gives advice on how to find a naturopath who can help you navigate additional options.

Taking Health into your own Hands

Choosing the right healthcare provider is important. Dr. Lise Alschuler stresses the importance of trust and relationship when exploring natural medicine, and explains how picking a practitioner is really creating a partnership.

Challenging Myths of Old Age and Disease

Dr. Joseph Pizzorno spent the majority of his career as a naturopathic physician challenging conventional medical wisdom. Now he challenges the idea that old age and disease need to co-exist.