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Patient Testimonials

"For four years I have been battling extreme fatigue, constipation and occasional bloating. I saw a naturopathic doctor upon recommendation from a colleague. The ND spent more time with me in one session than all of the previous doctors I had seen in total. Today, my family and I are all in the best health we have ever known."
Chisara H.
Health Solutions
"I am 51 years old and was diagnosed with Stage III inoperable pancreatic cancer. I am currently on my 6th round of chemotherapy, and am able to eat and tolerate chemo because of naturopathic ​​​​​​​medicine. My CA-19-9 levels have gone from 144 to 38 in 2 months. My naturopathic ​​​​​​​doctor has introduced me to so many different aspects of holistic care and wellbeing."
Evelyn P.
Cancer Recovery
"Naturopathic medicine has shown me how important it is to treat my autoimmune disease. It has given me the tools to address my issues and has put me in the driver's seat of my own health journey."
Annika R.
Autoimmune Health
"I ran into hormonal issues at 54 that my MD did not address. Thanks to my naturopathic doctor I no longer have hot flashes and I can sleep at night. I'm back in life again!"
Alicia C.
Hormone Health
"My naturopathic doctor helped me through a very difficult time with much needed comfort and support. She is so knowledgeable, and a great listener. Thanks to my ND, I learned how to manage my anxiety surrounding my physical and emotional health."
Elizabeth S.
Mental Health
"I have suffered from asthma since childhood. Naturopathic medicine has helped not only to manage my asthma, but also to correct my digestive problems and build my immune system. My naturopathic ​​​​​​​doctor also helped to correct some structural problems, so I am now able to exercise and walk without pain."
Janet G.
Health Solutions
"Naturopathic medicine has helped me maintain consistent energy and kick headaches to the curb! After only a year of working with my naturopathic doctor, I do more, laugh more, and love more. I appreciate naturopathic medicine's focus on respect, intention, and inquiry, and each day, I understand myself better."
Johanna L.
Headache Solutions
"I became a student of naturopathic medicine in September 2016, and it has changed my life. As a student I started experiencing neck and arm pain, and was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease. With treatment from my naturopathic doctor, I changed my diet and began a fitness regimen. I have begun to manage my Hashimoto’s disease and have lost 25 pounds."
Katelyn J.
Addressing Hashimoto's
"I was diagnosed with Lyme disease three years ago. My naturopathic doctor has been a huge help with my mental health, physical pain, infections and gut health. She has changed my life!"
Kim F.
Lyme Disease
"Naturopathic medicine has helped me to live well and feel so much better. I’m able to balance my hormones without taking birth control, sleep well without sleeping pills, and feel calm and focused without relying on medications."
Nicole K.
Pill-Free Solutions
"I have had severe lower back and shoulder pain for over 20 years. Two years ago I discovered naturopathic medicine. My naturopathic doctor used specific release techniques and nutritional supplements. With bimonthly visits my pain level has gone way down. I now run everyday, feel strong, flexible and limber."
Phil R.
Chronic Pain
“Naturopathic Medicine has allowed me to combat Lyme Disease. After many misdiagnoses and ineffective treatments, I am able to live a normal and active life once again.”
Robbie B.
Lyme Disease
“I have suffered from anxiety since a very young age. My naturopathic doctor helped rebuild my health by integrating a complete holistic spectrum. And she took the time to really listen. Within 2 months I am anxiety free and off of medications that brought unwanted side effects. I started exercising again, lost weight, and even started teaching yoga/pilates again.”
Rosanna B.
Pill-Free Solutions
“After trying to become pregnant for years with conventional medicine I was hopeless. When I met my naturopathic doctor, I was given hope once again and within two months I was pregnant. Our ND gave us our miracle baby!”
Silja C.
Fertility Solutions
"I am a C5-6 quadriplegic who is diabetic, arthritic, and suffered from recurring UTIs. My naturopathic doctor has helped to reduce my insulin intake, decrease the frequency and intensity of arthritic flares, and improve the health of my kidneys."
Steve B.
Health Solutions
"One morning I awoke with back pain so intense I couldn't stand up straight. My naturopathic doctor treated me and encouraged me to reevaluate my busy life schedule and anger issues. Within a few weeks I was standing straight again – feeling so grateful!"
Suzanne S.
Back Pain
"In 2003 while training for a triathlon, I collapsed. Even after seeing dozens of specialists, I was spiraling downhill and eventually could barely walk. I had test after painful and expensive test, and still no diagnosis. Five years later, I was told I only had a couple of months to live. Then, I was referred to a naturopathic doctor through an integrative hospital, and that saved my life. I consistently follow my naturopathic medicine protocols, and am able to lead a normal life today."
Traci S.
Life-Saving Treatment
"I went to a naturopathic doctor to treat my IBS symptoms. They took the time to ask about my body, mind and spirituality; all three are intertwined when it comes to health. They prescribed natural treatments and changes to my diet that would allow my digestive tract to heal itself. My symptoms have subsided, and I will continue to use naturopathic medicine and recommend it to everyone."
Amber K.
Gut Health
"Since I was 11, I saw conventional MDs around the world to find support for my acne. It was my naturopathic doctor that finally provided relief from my skin condition and the underlying causes. Thank you for changing my life and giving me my confidence back!"
Ginan A.
Acne Solutions
"I was looking for natural ways to care for my health issues. Upon discovering naturopathic medicine I've boosted my energy levels, corrected uneven skin texture and scarring and relieved my stress. I can't imagine life without naturopathic medicine or my naturopathic doctor!"
Christina A.
Optimizing Health
"OCD, chronic fatigue, episodic depression, and anxiety have been challenges for nearly half my life. But thanks to my naturopathic doctor and an individualized, holistic plan of care, this past year I have shifted from being chronically ill to being fully alive and well!"
Cathy P.
Mental Health
"My naturopathic doctors are life savers. My first introduction to naturopathic medicine showed me that the root cause is what needs to be addressed - the entire person, not just their symptoms. With my NDs' help I've been able to manage my health conditions more effectively than by just taking prescribed medication."
Danika K.
Health Solutions
"I wouldn't be where I am today without naturopathic medicine. I never realized how anxiety and stress can impact the body. Naturopathic medicine taught me, through a regimen of supplements, deep meditation and exercise, to ease my anxiety, and gave me the ability to manage my stress better and live a fuller life."
Emilee W.
Mental Health
"I have an inverted sternum and was told that surgery was my only option. I had little hope before meeting my naturopathic doctor two years ago. He provided intercostal massages, adjustments, and exercises. Now I can function at a normal level, run, lift weights, and my chest rarely bothers me."
Jeff D.
Structural Solutions
"I was very ill a year ago and after many unsuccessful visits with traditional doctors, my friend recommended her naturopathic doctor. She pinpointed the cause of my illness, and after following her instructions, I remarkably started to feel better within a week. I now know what 'quality of life' really means."
Judy M.
Illness Recovery
"Naturopathic medicine has improved my hypertension, healed ovarian cysts issues, opened my detox pathways, and increased my fertility. I can't wait to see what else it will do!"
Kelly F.
Fertility Health
“I lost 60 lbs. in less than six months...It took the help and guidance of a licensed naturopathic physician to get a proper diagnosis and a path to health.”
Michelle S.
Health Solutions
“Our world was turned upside down when our son was diagnosed with neuro-immune disorder PANS/PANDAS six years ago. Our naturopathic doctor has been our “angel.” Thanks to her, Carson has resumed most of his daily normalcy and no longer suffers from anxiety, OCD, tics, emotional liability, behavioral regression, sleep disturbances, urinary frequencies, and so much more. I know without a doubt we would not be where we are today if it wasn't for naturopathic medicine.”
Melissa S.
“When I got diagnosed with breast cancer, I already had a head start in deciding that I would use naturopathic medicine to help in my healing. I had elevated liver enzymes. I had cancer-causing chemicals in my body that were off the charts. I had high heavy metals in my body. My naturopathic doctor has been a tremendous blessing in my healing journey. Thanks to naturopathic medicine, I maintain a healthy lifestyle and my diet consists of a whole food, plant-based diet with lots of fruits and vegetables. With supplementation, exercise, coffee enemas, sauna, rebounding, intermittent fasting, drinking lots of water, deep breathing, good sleep and a spiritually strong faith, my liver enzymes are now at normal range and the cancer-causing chemicals are no longer off the charts. Naturopathic medicine and the holistic approach to healing are working for me, and I will continue to press on in my healing. I do not fear cancer any longer.”
Patricia T.
Breast Cancer
“My naturopathic medicine treatments have been lifesaving. I love learning about alternative natural remedies and how to update my diet and lifestyle. I recommend seeing a naturopathic doctor to everyone I know; mine has inspired me to live a vibrant and conscious life.”
Sarah P.
“Six years after being diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer, conventional medicine practitioners had done everything they could -- thanks to a non-toxic naturopathic medical treatment, I am still here today.”
Sonia S.
Ovarian Cancer
“Six years after being diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer, conventional medicine practitioners had done everything they could -- thanks to a non-toxic naturopathic medical treatment, I am still here today.”
Sonia S.
Ovarian Cancer
"Naturopathic medicine helped me feel like myself again! Before seeing my naturopathic doctor, I was in a cycle of poor-to-no-sleep and using caffeine to get through the day. Normally energetic and happy, I knew something was off. Through a specific diet and supplements aimed to get my cortisol levels back on track I was able to kick insomnia--and my caffeine addiction--to the curb. I now feel energized throughout the day and am able to get a good night’s sleep."
Taryn W.
Insomnia & Energy
“Naturopathic medicine helped me beat the most aggressive form of breast cancer and stay strong enough to exercise every day through 16 months of chemotherapy.”
Victoria C.
Breast Cancer
"Since my naturopathic doctor rebooted my immune system and put me on a natural regimen that fit my body, I simply do not get sick like I used to. If I do, I am back to good health in 5-7 days without the need for medication. I went from 180 days/year of antibiotic medication for sinus and other infections to just one cycle of antibiotics in the last eight years."
Christopher K.
Immune Health
"Naturopathic medicine has allowed me to heal physically and emotionally from a traumatic accident and the injuries that resulted from it. Thanks to my naturopathic doctors, I am living more joyfully and with complete, robust physical and emotional zest."
Charis N.
Injury Recovery
"Over 10 years, my naturopathic doctor has helped me resolve my insomnia, anemia, anxiety and depression naturally. She treats the whole person, always addressing my diet, stress, physical activity and psycho-emotional health with real remedies, not just 'band-aids' for the symptoms."
Amy V.
Health Solutions
"My naturopathic doctor helped me improve my health and conceive my daughter after struggling through 10 years of infertility. Before that, I was extremely sick and my conventional doctors were unable to help me."
Fertility & Recovery
"My husband and I both see an ND to help us with everything from orthopedic issues, to injury recovery, to digestive issues. He explains how these are all interconnected. He is like having a physician who is also our friend."
Evelyn L.
Health Solutions
"Naturopathic medicine helped me and my family with all of our primary health care needs for over 30 years. I continually receive the highest quality medical advice from naturopathic ​​​​​​​doctors. I am thankful for this excellent medicine that supports me in staying healthy and provides effective care during times of illness."
Heather C.
Primary Care
"I have had chronic sinus infections for over 20 years. After undergoing two sinus surgeries without success, I began seeing a naturopathic ​​​​​​​doctor. Thanks to her, I went over a year without a sinus infection - unprecedented! I continue to work with her on prevention as well as other health issues."
Jenny N.
Sinus Health
"I went to my naturopathic doctor to help manage my thyroid energy and diet. I've already lost 25 pounds, have increased energy, improved digestion, and fewer psoriasis flare ups. My naturopathic ​​​​​​​doctor is extremely thorough and knowledgeable."
Kate A.
Thyroid Function
"I saw every specialist only to be told they couldn't find anything wrong. I finally found my naturopathic doctor and she figured out the problem. I went from not being able to walk around the block to working out at the gym 5-6 days per week. I now consult with my naturopathic doctor on all of my medical issues."
Kim B.
Moving Again
"I struggled with several major food intolerances for years and experienced digestive issues daily. Naturopathic medicine helped me to identify the trigger foods and I was able to heal my GI tract simply by changing my diet and taking a daily probiotic. It has also helped me address my anxiety. Naturopathic medicine is the best way to reach optimum health."
Kristina M.
Digestive Health
"After years of struggling with PCOS, hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, alopecia, depression, digestive and adrenal issues, and pre-diabetes, I found the solution in naturopathic medicine. My naturopathic doctor delivers a holistic mind, body, and spiritual approach. My life has turned around. I have never been this healthy in my whole life, and most of all I have seen that the body does heal if you listen deeply and give it what it needs."
Mariya J.
Health Solutions
"Naturopathic Medicine helped me to overcome and heal from the debilitating pain of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, when my conventional doctors only offered pain medications and suggested that I go on disability. Told I would never have children, I had 5 miscarriages in a 6 year period, and because of naturopathic medicine naturally conceived and today have two beautiful healthy daughters."
Razi B.
"My 86-year-old father suffered from repeated episodes of internal bleeding due to a blockage in his portal vein. Countless specialists concluded that he would have to live with this life-threatening blockage. My naturopathic doctor treated him with a personalized naturopathic plan that included diet changes and supplements. Three months later the blockage was gone. During the last year of dad’s life he went on 3 fishing trips to Canada and did a 5,000 mile road trip, seeing family and lifelong friends."
Robert Q.
Elder Care
"In my daily life, I’m healthy and strong, despite my long list of significant health conditions. Following the paths set by my Naturopathic physicians, I have been able to use my conditions to incentivize my health regimens. Eating only clean and healthy foods, daily yoga, walking, and exercise, and reprogramming my Type A personality have all been guided by my naturopathic physicians. Each health scare has served to further refine my pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, and this would not have been possible without the continual guidance of my naturopathic team."
Sharon S.
Health Solutions
"Initially, Naturopathic medicine helped me get off of Prilosec and get my gut healthy in addition to getting rid of brain fog, bloating and fatigue/lethargy. Most recently, it has helped me to stay strong and healthy through my breast cancer treatments."
Gut Health & Breast Cancer
“I have suffered from daily headaches since childhood. Three years ago I started seeing a naturopathic doctor and underwent extensive food sensitivity testing. Following the personalized diet my ND prescribed, I noticed the headaches became less frequent, and, I was also losing weight. I have stopped taking pain relievers daily and feel like I’m on the right path.”
Timothy C.

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