Live your best low-toxin life

Our Low Toxin Living Series Live and On Demand. This empowering five-part webinar series with Host Dr. Christian Gonzalez of the “Heal Thy Self” podcast explores common exposures you may encounter and ways to keep your life healthy and low-toxin. Click Here for the Full Series on Low Toxin Living.

Eat well, live well

Want to be healthy and stay healthy? Diet and nutrition remain your best medicine with an outsized impact on your wellbeing. Learn about your gut’s role in the body and how food impacts its function, and take away tips on how to eat right for your body!

Unlock the benefits of movement

The way you move your body affects more than muscle tone and stamina – it impacts everything from your energy levels to bone density to mental health. Learn more about the radical effect of movement and exercise – and incorporate more of it into your life.

Relationships as medicine

Your physical health is affected by your relationship with other people, your work, your hobbies, and most of all – your self. Learn more and harness the power of the mind-body connection as an integral part of your overall health.

Remedies at home: botanical medicine and more

Sometimes a quick at-home remedy or a preventative habit is just what the doctor ordered. Join two naturopathic doctors as they share everyday plant medicines to incorporate into your at-home natural medicine cabinet!

Massage, acupressure and hydrotherapy: home tools for wellness

Go beyond the basics with practical, low cost at-home hands-on approaches for a vital life. Our NDs will walk you through acupressure and temperature based hydrotherapy techniques for everyday stress relief and wellness.

Supporting children through anxiety

In these unusual times, it’s not unusual for children to be struggling with anxiety. Fortunately, there are time-tested, reliable strategies that help. Join us to learn about calming the anxious child for a happier, healthier family.

Sleep well for your health

The sleep you get – or don’t get – has a profound effect on your ability to focus at work, to socialize in a healthy way, and to enjoy life. Join us for a conversation with a naturopathic sleep expert and take away strategies and resources for better rest.

Understanding Immune Health: Part II

This second session on immunity includes naturopathic doctors on how carbohydrates influence immune responses, nutrition, nature therapy and so much more. View this On Demand video here “Second Online House-call”

Understanding Immune Health: Part I

Naturopathic medicine experts share thier knowledge about immunology, herbal medicine and natural health. Please see the On Demand recording here: “First Online House-call”

The Science Behind Vitamin C

Recent evidence has underscored the value of higher-dosage Vitamin C in support of robust immune system functioning. Learn more about the value of this nutrient here: “The Science Behind Vitamin C”

Expert Q&A

Many excellent questions were posed by attendees for our guest experts during the first Online House-call. We have passed these questions onto our experts and will be sharing them with you here as we receive answers. View their responses here: “Expert Q&A”