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Your Health

Support your body’s innate ability toward wellness and healing.

Take your health into your own hands.


Support Wellness

Learn about your body’s ideal eco-system for good health.


Address Acute Issues

Plan a roadmap for better health with your naturopathic doctor.


Boost Prevention

Create an evidence-based, foundational support system for your body.

The ultimate goal of naturopathic care is to support the body’s innate capacity to heal by treating the whole person with an individualized plan and teaching the patient how to prevent further illness.

Support Wellness

Food As Medicine

Healthy and whole foods nourish the body prevent and reduce the incidence of chronic disease and bring people together in support of healthy relationships. Learn how INM uses healthy foods to improve the lives of children, adults, and communities.


Good Sleep

Do you get enough sound and regular slumber? Sleep is a pillar of health that deserves much more attention than you might think. Naturopathic doctors partner with patients to establish healthy sleep practices to improve your physical and mental health.



Your body is meant to move regularly, but modern life has other ideas. We get it! See why movement is way more than just exercise. It's the way you walk, stand, sit, and workout. Learn new habits to feel better, feel your strongest, and take your health back.


“My naturopathic doctor took the time to really listen. She helped me understand that it is harder to build a healthy relationship with anxiety than to just pop a pill, but that’s what I would need to do to find real healing. The whole family is healthier now… We are more active and more positive. There is a feeling of content and happiness that we didn’t have before.”

Address Acute Issues

Naturopathic doctors are trained in primary care and are specialists who diagnose and treat patients with chronic and acute health issues. However, they concentrate on the whole person, not just the health issue, to address the collective of the body, mind, and spirit. Explore more health concerns here.

Stress Management

No one is exempt from stress or anxiety. Naturopathic medicine addresses the underlying causes of health conditions, including our body’s physiological and mental response to stress. This overlooked aspect of health is a core tenet of naturopathic health.


Pain Relief

Are you looking for a non-pharmaceutical solution to pain management? As compared to other medication-first modalities, naturopathic doctors are trained to offer safe and effective alternatives to highly addictive drugs for managing chronic pain.


Allergies & Asthma

More than just annoying, allergies and asthma can dramatically impact quality of life. Naturopathic approaches include immune/microbiome support and reducing inflammation through nutrition, botanical medicine, and lifestyle modification.


Natural Health Updates

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Patient Stories


Boost Prevention

Disease prevention is a core pillar of naturopathic medicine. From the first thorough evaluation with a naturopathic doctor, you will notice how this medicine proactively focuses on prevention. Licensed naturopathic doctors help individuals build optimal health by spending extra time on patients, evaluating the whole person and all the factors that may lead to ill health, and educating patients about optimal health, and partnering with them to fulfill desired outcomes.

Work with a Naturopathic Doctor

Naturopathic doctors (NDs) approach your health differently than you may have experienced in other medical settings.

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