The Institute for Natural Medicine is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to increasing awareness and education about naturopathic medicine and licensed naturopathic doctors. Naturopathic doctors have broad experience working with a wide range of ailments. We want to hear from a variety of different voices. If you would like to write for INM, here are guidelines for what type of content we ’re seeking.  

Naturopathic Medicine Discussion

We welcome writing from licensed doctor or health professional. Articles must be original, previously unpublished, and written by licensed doctors. Citations must be used to support factual claims including human studies, charts, illustrations, and protocols when available.

Suggested length 800-1200 words.

Suggested Topic Areas:

  • Emerging technologies for patient care
  • New techniques and protocols
  • Trusted and time-tested naturopathic practices
  • Clinical research
  • Case studies
  • Health and wellness trends
  • Modalities
  • Professional specialties
  • Practice management?
  • Self-care (for health professionals)

For doctors who would like to contribute but don’t want to submit a full article, please consider our shorter-form series of Ask an Expert articles here.

Naturopathic Student Experience

Naturopathic medical students at a CNME-accredited institution are encouraged to share their experience and goals. Use linked citations where applicable. Photos or videos are strongly encouraged. Articles must be original and previously unpublished.

Suggested length 500-800 words.

Suggested Topic Areas:

  • Student experience both at home and abroad
  • Favorite lesson or study area and why
  • Visions for the future of the profession

Patient Stories

Naturopathic patient stories demonstrate how naturopathic medicine heals the whole person: mind, body, and spirit. Patient’s are encouraged to share their experiences with others in either long or short form. Help empower other patients by describing your first ND visit or share your complementary care go-tos along the path from illness to health. Describe the puzzle that led you to naturopathic care and how you found a solution – we want to hear from you!

Submit a short-form story to our Naturopathic Patient Gallery here.

Pitch a long-form (over 300 words) story you have written yourself or request an interview by an Institute for Natural Medicine writer to help tell your story here.

Articles must be original and previously unpublished.

Healthy Eating and Healthy Living Tips

Our readers at INM understand that the best tools for prevention include healthy lifestyle practices. Do you have a healthy recipe or fitness tip?

Nutrition and fitness professional are encouraged to submit recipes or exercise tips as short articles or videos with a 100-300 word description. Must be certified in your field of health coaching, nutrition, physical therapy or fitness.

Unlike our other submission types, we don’t mind resharing or submitting previously published work in this section. Healthy practices are something that should be shared, and the wider audience the better. If you can, however, try to stagger your publishing times from those at INM to give the overall content higher visibility, and when possible, link back to us too.

While reshared healthy living posts are welcome, overly commercial or salesy posts are not. We are not affiliate marketers, and as representatives of naturopathic medicine as a whole, prefer not to endorse one product over another. Please keep your posts based on health and healthy practices.

News and Tips

Did you just release a press release about a great new research grant or upcoming convention? Let us know – we’d love to share. Have a tip about the latest topic in naturopathic news that needs to be covered? Share with us on our contact page!

Editorial Procedures

As a nonprofit organization, the Institute for Natural Medicine has limited staff and publishing resources. There may be a significant time delay in reply, but we will make our best efforts to contact all submissions. If we are able to use your contribution expect a reply generally 2 weeks from the submission by our editorial team.

Publication of an article can never be guaranteed, neither can a specific publication timeline. Articles are reviewed and edited for accuracy, style, grammar, promotional material, and space. Edited articles will not be provided to authors prior to publication with the exception of patient stories. Please direct questions or comments to our contact page online.