Naturopathic Patient Gallery:

Discover real stories from real people. Be inspired by the efficacy of naturopathic medicine. Explore our gallery of naturopathic medicine patients.

Naturally Well:

Naturally Well employs licensed naturopathic doctors to teach health and cooking classes at kid-centered community spaces, such as local Boys and Girls Clubs or the YMCA. We focus on preventative medicine to establish healthy habits early for lifelong health. While we bring healthy nutrition to the table by basing many of the lessons on quality materials from the Food As Medicine Institute. In addition, Naturally Well goes beyond diet, encompassing a fuller understanding of nutrition and how to make the healthiest choices.

INM Residency Consortium:

The INM Residency Consortium (IRC) is a sustainable model for naturopathic residency programs. The success of this model affords the opportunity for a significant increase in additional hands-on, practical training for new, board-certified, licensed naturopathic doctors across the United States.

Become an INM Ambassador today.:

Clinician, student and naturopathic ally ambassadors serve to increase public awareness about the value of naturopathic medicine through coordinated outreach campaigns to health care consumers and to other healthcare professionals. Ambassadors receive training and support through online webinars, in-person trainings, contact with the Ambassador Program leader, and other experienced NDs.

Naturopathic Medicine Collaborative:

The Naturopathic Medicine Collaborative (NMC) is a cooperative group of 76+ stakeholder organizations from the naturopathic medicine profession. The NMC is hosted by the Institute for Natural Medicine. This collaborative allows national, state and specialty associations, accredited naturopathic medical colleges, research institutions and other leaders within naturopathic medicine to work together to advance the profession.

The National Naturopathic Medicine Campaign:

The Campaign for Naturopathic Medicine is a national public relations program currently funded by the Institute for Natural Medicine. The Campaign’s primary goal is to raise visibility and credibility for the profession among consumers and conventional medical professionals.