Our ask an expert series features short written contributions that share different perspectives on naturopathic care. Our goal is to give both potential patients a clearer understanding of the profession and also to highlight some of our fantastic NDs.

If you’d like to contribute to this series, please send over the following information and answer at least one of the questions below to the Institute for Natural Medicine

Bio info

  • Name:
  • Title:
  • Links: (Anything you’d like to share publicly like your practice or social media – not email)
  • Picture: Headshot of at least 200px by 200px (Professional photos work best. If you do not yet have a professional headshot, check in with INM at the AANP 2019 convention.)
  • Short bio: 1-2 lines explaining yourself, specialty, and background.

Article Topics

Please include a 200-300-word answer. You may answer any or all of the questions below. INM editors will assist with proofreading for typos, brand voice, and clarity.

  • Share your favorite food to prevent winter illness and why.
    • This article has published.
  • What makes a naturopathic doctor visit distinct?
    • This article has published.
  • What is your favorite tip to support gut health?
    • This article has published.
  • Inside a Naturopathic Doctor’s Garden/Naturopathic Doctor’s Share their Favorite Garden Herbs
    • Deadline Extended to June 12th.
    • With summer on the horizon, our readers are looking towards their gardens. Whether raised beds or window planters, homegrown plants help provide people with fresh, organic goodness. We’d love to hear the NDs take on this by describing what is your favorite herb(s) that people can grow at home and why?  
    • In 200-300 words please describe your favorite garden herb, it’s naturopathic value, and your favorite preparation or use.

Look for new topics coming soon! 

We look forward to your responses, and please feel free to follow up with any questions.

Thank you,

Kate Hagan

Marketing & Communications Manager

Institute for Natural Medicine