Naturopathic Medicine Empowers Elite Mountain Biker in Her Race to Beat Breast Cancer

October 10, 2017

Victoria Cramer not only beat the most aggressive form of breast cancer, but also ran a half-marathon and hit a personal record in a 24-hour bike race–all during 16 months of chemotherapy treatments. She credits her extraordinary mental and physical resilience to a blend of naturopathic and conventional medicine. We celebrate her success story this National Naturopathic Medicine Week, created by the United States Senate through its Resolution urging Americans to learn more about “the value of naturopathic medicine in providing safe, effective, and affordable health care.”

In the three weeks after her diagnosis, Victoria had 23 different doctor appointments. But her meeting with naturopathic oncologist Dan Rubin was the most pivotal moment in her battle against cancer. His naturopathic medicine protocol supported Victoria’s conventional oncology treatment by:

  • Reducing her tumor activity while she waited for surgery
  • Strengthening her immune system to heal quickly post-surgery and prepare for chemotherapy
  • Building her energy and sustaining her immunity throughout chemotherapy, when her body would be most vulnerable to infection, so she could recover quickly from round to round

“The best thing about my naturopathic doctor was that he treated my whole self—mother, athlete, executive—and not just my disease,” says Cramer.

This April, Victoria marked her one year anniversary of finishing chemotherapy. As of January 2017, she has no evidence of active cancer in her body. She recently celebrated her twins’ 3rd birthdays, is back at the helm of her strategic consulting firm, and is getting ready for another bike race.

Learn more in this video and read more success stories in the naturopathic medicine patient gallery.

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