INM and The Future Doctors of America Cooking Class

The Future Doctors of America (FDA) 10-week student health educational program featured a cooking class on May 23, at Jefferson Middle School located in West San Gabriel, Calif. Funded by The Institute for Natural Medicine, the program is designed to educate middle school children about heart disease and disease prevention.

The program’s primary goals are to inspire students who are thinking about pursuing a healthcare career and bring knowledge to the community about the benefits of being healthy, as well as provide information the students can bring home to their family members. Class participants included 16 students who learned how to prepare and cook recipes that could be combined into several delightful dishes. Recipes included a cauliflower pizza crust, nut-free vegan pesto and cheese, vegan meat made with quinoa, heart-healthy refried black beans and delicious black bean brownies.

The program classes were led by Carlsbad, Calif.-based Jonci Jensen, N.D. and founder of the FDA.  “Parents feedback has been positive,” says. Dr. Jensen. “The Institute for Natural Medicine has been wonderful to work with. They’re the reason this pilot program was able to happen this Spring,” adds Dr. Jensen.

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