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The Institute for Natural Medicine aims to transform health care in America by increasing public awareness of naturopathic medicine and boosting the number of patients seeking the services of a naturopathic physician.  To accomplish these goals, INM is preparing to undertake a comprehensive public awareness effort.


While many studies have documented the effectiveness of naturopathic medicine, the profession faces important challenges.  First and foremost, many people who would value a holistic, whole person approach to health care simply do not know about naturopathic medicine or naturopathic physicians.  Second, some health care professionals who disagree with naturopathic physicians’ approach to health care frequently communicate misleading information to the media about naturopathic medicine. And third, “conventional” health care professionals have convinced the public that more technology and more prescription drugs constitute the ‘best’ medicine and lead to optimal health outcomes.  Most people do not understand that a holistic approach to health care is often a far more effective (not to mention cost-effective) approach.


The INM is beginning a broad-based effort to raise awareness about naturopathic medicine to encourage prospective patients to visit naturopathic physicians.  The campaign will include several key components:

  • Conducting branding research to enhance the effectiveness of our public awareness efforts
  • Developing a consumer-focused website whose primary purpose will be to encourage and facilitate prospective patients in finding a naturopathic physician
  • Building a media relations capacity that enables INM to respond to misleading information reported about naturopathic medicine and to proactively communicate accurate information
  • Using social media to extend our reach in amplifying public education messages
  • Supporting licensed naturopathic physicians to carrying out their own public education and marketing efforts

Your donation goes to our renewed effort to transform health in America through greater use of the principles and practices of naturopathic medicine. Remember, your donation is tax-deductible. The Institute for Natural Medicine is tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The INM tax ID is 02-0464611.