Education, Training, and Licensure Are the Most Important Criteria When Choosing a Naturopathic Doctor

August 2, 2017

Washington, DC – When choosing a naturopathic doctor, the most important criteria are whether the doctor 1) has a naturopathic medical degree earned from an accredited, four-year, in-residence, naturopathic medical college, and 2) has passed rigorous board exams as part of a licensure or certification process. This is according to the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP), which today released a new FAQ with advice for consumers on how to choose a naturopathic doctor, in partnership with the Institute for Natural Medicine (INM).

Twenty-two states and U.S. territories permit access to safe, effective, and affordable licensed or certified naturopathic doctors. For a map of these states and territories, as well as those seeking to regulate the profession, visit the AANP website here.

The new FAQ also describes what consumers can expect in their first visit to a naturopathic doctor, including their overall approach, the diagnostic tools they use, and the end result, which is a customized treatment plan and health strategy.

“Naturopathic doctors focus on understanding the root causes of health symptoms you might be experiencing and your overall health and wellness goals,” said Michelle Simon, PhD, ND and Chair of the INM Board of Directors. “This takes time—but it enables your doctor to get to you and recommend treatments and strategies that are right for you.”

The complete FAQ, “How should I choose a naturopathic doctor?” can be found here. In addition, the AANP provides a directory of licensed naturopathic doctors that are members and finder tool on its website, available here.

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